Spiraling Aritists

How I became a photographer

I have always romanticized the idea of being a self-starter. I honestly think it’s just something inside you that compels you to be a pathfinder, a leader. But for a long time I regularly sold my waking life for a wage and benefits. My very last employer was upset with me because I was challenging the operating procedures and trying to best optimize it against the will of the company. When I said he wasn’t capable of doing it properly, he quipped, “Trae if you’re so smart then why don’t you just quit?” And a light bulb appeared as I thought to myself he’s being a jerk, but could I -make what I was making there if I just had more free time? I needed just two hundred dollars a day to make it happen. If I truly am as smart as I thought I was, could I just quit? Well golly gee, with a little courage, I think I just might be able to earn that and more and in less time than I spent at my dead-end job. I quit. Thanks Larry. Read full article here